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Find other friends on Pinterest.com
27th-Dec-2012 01:29 pm - Add Me!!!
Glee - Punk!Quinn Again
I pin everything from art to photography to fashion to things I want.

21st-Jun-2012 07:25 pm(no subject)
New community like this one but for twitters! twiitters
21st-Jun-2012 10:01 am(no subject)
I'm SO glad I found this community, I love Pinterest. I'm still pretty new to it, but it's fast becoming one of my favourite sites.

My user name: @loulitaa (http://pinterest.com/loulitaa/)

Things I post:
Hair and nail inspiration
Home decor and garden inspiration
Health and fitness
Animals and nature

Looking for new friends, I'll follow everyone back :)
9th-Jun-2012 04:50 am - Hello
Hello. I'm a tumblr and weheartit user that also loves pinterest. I love pinning things that relate to gaming, comics, celebs, crafts, dolls, decor and so much more. Feel free to follow me. I'll follow you back. http://pinterest.com/vickyblueeyez/

29th-Apr-2012 06:58 pm(no subject)
S - World Map - Me Visit Here?
Hi guys,
I'm glad I found this community! Seems weird maybe that I am posting here as I do not have a pinterest yet, as I've been waiting eons for an invite code, but I have been wanting to join for a few months now. So I will just say hi, and maybe once I get an invite I can start adding people. :) Look forward to seeing all of you on Pinterest!!
20th-Apr-2012 10:38 am(no subject)
derp ponponpon
Hi everyone! Follow me (or whatever board you'd like) on my Pinterest @Missjetpack and if you post similar things, I'll follow you back! I am always looking for new people to follow.

I have been obsessed with Pinterest for months, I love it! I used to organize and collect bookmarks of blog articles that I loved and have been wanting a better form of organizing them, so I feel like the site was made for me. I have over 700 pins so far! I always try to check the source before I pin it so that the pictures link directly to the article (my pet peeve is pins that don't link to anything!). 

Things I posts:
1. Crafts, primarily fashion crafts and holiday crafts
2. Food.
3. Style/Beauty. I don't pin too much of this, but when I do it's usually Japanese fashion
4. Home inspiration! I especially like retro / midcentury modern design.
17th-Apr-2012 10:47 am - Welcome
Hello! Thanks for checking out this community. I suggest that you go to our profile to get a better idea of what pinterests is. Feel free to join and post aswell. All posting access is moderated for your first post. After you post once, you will be given full access. Finally, if you have any questions at all, feel free to comment below!
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